Mission Statement
The Way Out Sober Living is a male structured sober living and recovery home located in San Diego, CA. The Way Out Sober Living employs the 12-Step recovery philosophy to each of our residents, harboring the best environment for success.  Each resident is required to participate in his recovery, which includes attending 12-Step meetings, obtaining a 12-Step sponsor, Morning Meditations, and learning the basic responsibilities of being a functioning member of society.  The Way Out Sober Living provides every service we believe is necessary for an individual in early recovery to be successful.  These services include one on one attention, 24/7 staff assistance, community transportation, and resources to many different recovery-related outlets.  Our recovery home and sober living practices a strict ZERO-TOLERANCE policy with weekly drug tests, creating the safest possible place for you or loved one to recover.

Around the Clock Supervision

At The Way Out Sober Living we employ a live-in house manager along with other staff members that are at that house at all times. We also offer 24/7 staff assistance by telephone for our residents, family members, and loved ones.  With this method we know our residents are always taken care of.

Safe Enviroment

At The Way Out Sober Living, we employ a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on drug and alcohol use along with a ZERO TOLERANCE policy surrounding violence or intimidation.  With these policies we prove to be the safest and most comfortable environment for you or your loved one to recover.

Our Location